Pizza Files: Episode 2 – The Mystery of Fogo2Go

photo (3)Obviously, I’m not the most dedicated blogger in the world. Too many interests and distractions, not enough time. Welcome to real life kids. Anyway, don’t be concerned, I eat pizza more than I blog about it. I figured for my second file I had to pay tribute to my new neighborhood haunt, Fogo2Go. After some investigation I’m still not 100% sure what fogo is.. or what it means, it has something to do with Brazilians and Pizza… I didn’t even know the Brazilians were that into pizza, but apparently there are a lot of Italians in Brazil. Either way, it’s fun to say. Additionally, I think they may have changed management or… something. Here’s why. I most usually order from Fogo between the hours of 12pm-2am. I have been inside the building at 1am. And yet… for the past month or two when I have tried ordering during these times… they aren’t open. I even walked there with my roommate one night in the snow… But to no avail. Could I have dreamed it? I don’t think so. Is Fogo like pizza Narnia? Do pizza places have winter hours? So many questions still left unanswered, hopefully I’ll have updates, in the meantime here’s what I do know.

Fogo2Go: Lakeview/Lincoln Park

Ordered: Medium Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza (sorry I’m boring)

Total: Like 15 dollars

Quality: I AM COMPLETELY IN LOVE. Their pizza is the perfect amount of greasy; not so greasy that you want to spend 4 hours on the treadmill the morning after, but still with that this-might-be-clogging-my-arteries taste. And somehow the cheese manages to stay ON the pizza when you eat it, I think this has something to do with the cheese-sauce ratio. Overall, high-quality deliciousness.

Ambiance: Fogo is located off Diversey right by the train, which makes it extremely convenient, not to mention it’s about five minutes from my apartment. However, the location itself is a bit of a hole in the wall, not the kind of place you can hang at for a while. There are about four tiny tables you can sit at if you have to wait for your pizza (I recommend ordering for pick up because it’s super fresh, but they serve by the slice too). They have a few large stone brick ovens that kind of give you the feeling that you’re in one of those Velveeta Cheesy Skillets commercials, and you’re the confused mom not sure if you should be concerned about this long-haired man with a skillet of cheese, or intrigued. If you happen to be in there late at night its most likely filled with drunk Lakeview bros and the lucky lady going home with them that evening. Though their loud conversations are obnoxious, there’s always the chance one of them will fall over, which I’ve seen. The people who work there are extremely patient and chill, which reminds me – TIP YOUR SERVICE PEOPLE YA’LL.

Yelp: 4 out of 5 stars

Alien Classification: Certified Extraterrestrial Sustenance

For more info and to order online you can go to Fogo2Go

Stay Cheesy Chicago

Arty the Alien