Pizza Files: Episode 3 – Will you be my… homie?

Regardless of your relationship status, there is one fact that always holds true: Pizza is love, and love is pizza (and Valentine’s Day isn’t a real holiday). So in the spirit of love, here’s a Pizza File for ya’ll. If I had to answer the question in this title, maybe would have to be my answer to Homeslice, a pizzeria, or “wheel house”, in Lincoln Park. I had heard so much about this place since I moved to Lake View, it always got rave reviews, but for whatever reason never made it until my mom came to visit (a few months back….). So, here it goes.

Homeslice: Lincoln Park

Ordered: Med. Party Boi (pepperoni, peppers, mozzarella, provolone, and sauce) + a couple of beers.

Total: $30 + tax and tip and such.

Quality: Though I could tell they used good quality ingredients, and it was well made, for whatever reason I just… wasn’t impressed. It was decent, but nothing I would write home about. It could be because it’s pretty thin, and I like my pizza with a bit of extra dough on it (if you know what I mean *eyebrow raise*).

Ambiance: Though I wasn’t wowed by their pizza, Homeslice more than makes up for it in ambiance, the place is straight up cool. Like not, that hard to find hipster bar “cool” just… so awesome. I even love the layout of their menu. The place itself is like eating in a space-age log cabin, and if I like three things, they are: pizza, log cabins, and space. Now that I think about it…. if E.T. every owned a pizza joint it might look like this. The tables consist mostly of beautiful wooden pieces, dim halo-like lighting, and the back porch is SICK. They somehow took an old metal camper (the ones that are shaped like a pill that you might see in well.. movies about Arizona or something like that), cut it in half and turned into a huge booth-like contraption. I would live in that booth. Just one teeny-weeny downside – the porch is located directly behind the train. As you can imagine, it can get quite loud back there, and not optimal for eating with your mom, but we made do. I really insist that if you haven’t checked this place out yet, go just to see what it looks like. It is a truly unique building. I plan to give their pizza a second chance just because I love the place so much – might have to do a follow-up pizza file.

Yelp: 4 out of 5 stars

Alien Classification: Almost Like Home

For more info and to order online go to Get Some Homie

Don’t be afraid to let love in this year ya’ll… or at least let pizza into your belly.

Arty the Alien

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