Pizza Files: Episode 8 – A Family Affair

I’m tired of the sound of Trump’s name coming out my mouth this week. So, on this lovely Saturday night, I wanted to think about something that can unite us all – pizza.


Italian Family Pizza: First Hill

I’d been stalking the Yelp page for this place long before I moved to Seattle. One of the first things I did in preparing for my move was search “pizza in Seattle” and Italian Family Pizza came up. You can’t miss their page, it’s the one with pies the size of tables. The first time I dragged my mom and friend here during a visit, img_0199there was no dough left! But, to be fair, it was Friday at 9pm. So we went back Wednesday around 6pm, and got to experience these mega pizzas first-hand.

Ordered: Large meat and ricotta pie – special of the week.

Cost: $40ish (most large pies are $30). 

Flavor & Taste: This is what I would call “Goldilocks” pizza, it was just the right amount of crust (not cracker crust, but not deep dish), sauce, meat, cheese, grease, and not too hot, not too cold. I was skeptical about taste because of its massive size, but you won’t be disappointed. Also, still good cold for breakfast.

Vibe: The name best evokes the vibe, it’s a neighborhood, family owned joint. No frills or über trendy decor – old school east coast style with an array of family photos through time covering the brick walls. Fitting, since the family who owns it is from the east coast, and they are the real stars of the show (next to the pizza). It’s not unusual for the staff to come over and sit with you to chat, which is unusual in a place like Seattle. They’ll make sure you have everything you need, and truly enjoy your experience.

Yelp4.5 out of 5 stars.

Alien Classification: UFO sized, but no taste compromised

Highly recommend this place, but don’t get a large if there only 2-3 of you. The large can probably feed 6-8. Bring the crew and get down with some pizzas and brews.

Also loved this article in The Stranger. Check it out.